ACFW Top Child Model
Lenci Pender
Marzine Johnson Jr
Suzan Koch
Halle Newsome
Janylah Higgins
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Each season the fashion community comes together to pay homage to models, designers and journalist that have participated in Atlantic City Fashion Week's prior seasons.  Nominees are selected by their peers and the winner is chosen through a process that includes internet voting, council voting by the ACFW Executive Director Staff and the shows Producers. All awards will be given at the Atlantic City Fashion Week Awards on Thursday, September 6th, 2018. Individuals have been nominated by industry peers. Voting is tabulated by poll-maker website. Voting tallied through online voting will represent 33% of the nominees overall score.  The remaining votes will come from ACFW Directors and Executive Producers. The ACFW Awards will be distributed at the Showboat Hotel on Thursday, September 6, 2018. Tickets for the event can be purchased by clicking on the TICKET link above.

Atlantic City Fashion Week Awards

ACFW Top Ready To Wear
Dez Noland
Stuart Ronsome Jr
Superrich Kids
Malana Amale'
Savannah Smith
Cindy Anda
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ACFW Top Couture Designer
Elizabeth Delgado
Malanda Okon
Larry Underwood
Meredith Gill
Lainey Gold
Marquise Elmore
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ACFW Top Female Model
Yusby Mendez
Annaliese Arena
Liela Jean Davis
Lyubov Pylponyuk
Erika Lanahan
Nina Radcliff
Victoria Robertson
Jasmine Young
Sophie Santiago
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Each nominee was selected through fashion industry peers form our website nomination form. Each nominee has agreed to participate in the voting process to determine the Top Model in each category.  Voting software or "vote bots" will be immediately detected and votes will be reduced and create possible disqualification for the nominee. Voting will be tabulated by the following. 33% of the overall score from online voting, 33% from the Atlantic City Fashion Week Directors and 33% from the Atlantic City Fashion Week Executive Producers.  Awards will be given at The Atlantic City Fashion Week Awards Ceremony on Thursday, September 6, 2018. This season awards will be made in the category of Top Female Model, Top Male Model, Top Child Model, Top Ready To Wear Designer and Top Couture Designer.

ACFW Top Male Model
Frananro Rojas
Justin Hagains
Johnathon Ocampo
Alfredo Mercado
Santiago Vanotti
Juwan Parker
Facundo Herlein
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