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Press registration is for professional photographers and journalist that are interested in covering Atlantic City Fashion Weeks events. One application must be filled out for each pass needed. We will issue credentials after information has been verified and confirmed. You may be further asked to present a business card or a letter on letterhead confirming your credentials. All photos are to be placed as an album link on www.Facebook.com/AtlanticCityFashionWeek within 10 business days after the event. All journalist must complete an article prior to the event before receiving their credentials. Videographers must provide a digital link, MP file or internet link within 20 calendars of filming the event, that is view-able to the public. Failure to adhere to these conditions will prevent you from receiving credentials to this event and future events.

No tablets or cellphone cameras will be allowed in the pit area. 

 Hereby grant permission to Atlantic City Fashion Week, KingBee Media LLC, fashionSTYLE Magazine and its affiliates to reproduce any portion of the photo images or article that have been taken or written by me, for the purpose of SELF USE and or SELF PROMOTION publications which can include but is not limited to, books, cards, calendars, invitations, advertisement, magazine reprint and websites without any compensation. Furthermore, I do not grant permission to resale or use the photographs or articles in a manner that would exploit or cause malicious representation toward me or my company and associates. Any infringements of this policy may violate federal law.

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