1. $1,000.00 CASH Prize
  2. Atlantic City Fashion Week Lead Crystal Award
  3. Brother Sewing Machine
  4. Collection shown at Atlantic City Fashion Week Couture Night

Design Competition

How do we create a fashion design competition with a level playing field? All designers receive the same fabric, same amount of time to complete their collection, same budget..

  1. Designers must be present to receive fabric. No substitutions allowed. Fabric supplied by Atlantic City Fashion Week and must make up 75% of the collection.
  2. Designers must complete 10 looks.
  3. Designers must pay $100 application fee and sell 10 tickets by December 1st. 
  4. A maximum of 15 designers will be chosen to compete
  5. ​Collection must be completed by February 7th, 2022
  6. Must complete the registration form below by December 4, 2021



Design Competition Registration